OUMS Chamber Music History

History of OUMS Chamber Music


OUCMS [Oxford University Chamber Music Society] was founded, and the first event held was in Trinity term, a Chamber Music Day.

Founding members: Kirsty Clark (President), Jasmine Ramsay Gray (Vice-President) and Olivia Foster Vander Elst (Secretary).


In Michaelmas, a ‘match-up’ service was provided for incoming freshers who wanted to play chamber music but did not currently have a group; this was repeated on a smaller scale at the start of Hilary, for those who had missed out in Michaelmas, or whose groups had not worked out. Many successful groups were formed, some of whom took part in a masterclass that we organised in collaboration with the Oxford Philomusica [now the Oxford Philharmonic]. At the end of Hilary term, the first end-of-term OUCMS concert saw four groups that had been working through the term perform a movement each of a chamber work in Magdalen chapel. The Chamber Music Days were continued, and in Hilary, the first Chamber Music Evening with cheese and wine was also held very successfully.

Committee: Jasmine Ramsay Gray (President), Kirsty Clark (Vice-President), Olivia Foster Vander Elst (Secretary), Eleanor Davidson (Treasurer).


The first committee hand-over took place to our next committee. At the start of Michaelmas we repeated the “match-up” service that we had run in 2013: 108 musicians signed up, and 26 new groups were formed. Two cheese and wine evenings were planned for this term.

Committee: Sam Whitby (President), Michelle Lai (Vice-President), Joyce Yu (Treasurer), Lizzie Cheetham (Secretary), Antonia Skinner (Strings Fixer)


The society was rebooted in Michaelmas Term by 17-18 OUMS President David Palmer and Catz Music student Amy Chang. 50 musicians signed up over the Christmas vacation and 15 new chamber ensembles were formed.